ceramic dalmations, knee-hi exposure on the boob tube

olie bollen

PBN has asked us to describe our fondest game show memories!  What a fun topic, one near and dear to my heart since I'm a true television aficionado going waaaaaay back. To describe my first memory I will give you some background. My mom would work in Manhattan, get off at 5 p.m. and make her way into Queens.  Sometimes I'd meet her at the train and we would shop or I would just wait at home.  One things for sure, she'd be wearing high heels and would walk with a mission. She'd cook dinner, plate it up and get in front of the television asap.  We'd usually … [Read more...]

Little House DVDs make my day!

Little House on the Prairie DVD set

I am the BIGGEST Little House on the Prairie fan, seriously, it's ridiculous how much I love the show!  My history with the show:   Originally watched Little House on WPIX, one episode at a time, Monday thru Friday @ 5 p.m. Watched in two hour chunks on TBS during the late 80's bought all of the VHS tapes available (about 40 episodes) through TIME circa 1993 watched and taught English lessons based on episodes aired on Japan's education station, NHK Fastforward to the early 2000's and I rushed out and got each DVD set (seasons 1-6) as it became … [Read more...]

They’ve seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Beverly HIlls Chihuahua

Finally I can get some rest! DH took the kids to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua Sunday so I don't have to have them ask me EVERY single day when we're going! I didn't get many details, but from what I gather, the kids were not overly impressed with the movie.  I'll wait for it to come out on DVD. If you saw it, what do you think? … [Read more...]

Karen Grassle as Ma on Little House on the Prairie

Outpost book

  Little House on the Prairie is my favorite show of all time.  I can't help it, just like an old friend, the good people of Walnut Grove are always there.  I absolutely love "ma" played by Karen Grassle.  I've always thought she was a handsome woman as they would have said back in the old days.  Now I think she is just beautiful... so natural and her features are so average but the look all together is flawless!  anyway, here's the vid that I've watched at least 100 times featuring Karen Grassle. … [Read more...]