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I'm living my dream life, spending my days with my three sweet kids on the rocky coast of Maine...

boy2001 is a loveable 2nd grade LEGO brick master. An average week includes a round of golf, some time at the track with a smidgeon of Nintendo DS time.

boy 2001

girl2004 is a Care Bears enthusiast when she's not twirling to imaginary ballet, she's gleefully giggling to pink princess daydreams or requesting baking sessions.

girl2006 is an Elmo and Little People Fanatic, she insists on wearing tights and dresses everyday, as well as reading our 'I Love You' books everyday. She shares my love for Little House on the Prairie.

My personal goals are to go back to school for my Masters, possibly in Library Studies or Biblical Languages.

Smokey is our playful pup, half chihuahua, half rat terrier he's a handsome dog, although very good with the children Smokey does have his issues!

Chexter is our roborovski hamster, over a year old he's recently started to nip a little!

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Oscar Mayer HotDog Video Review(s)

May 25, 2009

The Mom Bloggers Club recently recruited people to try out Oscar Mayer hotdogs.  I was sent $15 to make a meal.  I ended up making 2 videos…

Boy2001 was most excited about the project and was a big help.  Girl2004 isn’t crazy about hotdogs but she had lots of other stuff to choose from.  Girl2006 was loving it, she had a blast making the vids and made sure to put on her party dress for the first one!

I don’t consider hotdogs, no matter how well made, “good” for you by any stretch so I always make sure to have a couple of healthy sides to go with them.  That being said, we thoroughly enjoyed eating our hotdogs!