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boy2001 is a loveable 2nd grade LEGO brick master. An average week includes a round of golf, some time at the track with a smidgeon of Nintendo DS time.

boy 2001

girl2004 is a Care Bears enthusiast when she's not twirling to imaginary ballet, she's gleefully giggling to pink princess daydreams or requesting baking sessions.

girl2006 is an Elmo and Little People Fanatic, she insists on wearing tights and dresses everyday, as well as reading our 'I Love You' books everyday. She shares my love for Little House on the Prairie.

My personal goals are to go back to school for my Masters, possibly in Library Studies or Biblical Languages.

Smokey is our playful pup, half chihuahua, half rat terrier he's a handsome dog, although very good with the children Smokey does have his issues!

Chexter is our roborovski hamster, over a year old he's recently started to nip a little!

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General Mills Big G Kid Cereal

February 25, 2009

My kids LOVE cereal morning noon and night and I always wonder if they’re getting all the vitamins and minerals they need.  It seems I can rest just a little bit easier with General Mills Big G kid cereals in my life. 

The classic cereals we all grew up with have evolved into calcium and vitamin D powerhouses!  I could try to get my kids to eat tofu or more almonds but it’s much easier to sneak some good stuff into kid friendly fortified cereal!  Cereal is the perfect food for kids because you can eat most kinds with milk or dry or just use it as a topping for yogurt or even ice-cream. And by the way, I was just informed

It’s important to get the kids in your life plenty of chances to get essential nutrients they need.  About 75% of kids don’t get the recommended levels and boneloss can start in the late teens.  I feel even more urgently the need to get my kids eating as many whole foods as possible. 

The kids and dear husband devoured the entire box of Lucky Charms so fast I didn’t even get a bowl!  In fairness this was Monday, after a cold night shivering and no way to make a hot breakfast It really brightened up their morning.  I was so looking forward to trying the new hourglass marshmallow charm!  In the past I would have worried about there being too much sugar and calories but now I know to look for the Big G cereal.  If you’re not sure, be sure to look for the strip at the top of the box that guarantees that the cereal is made with Whole Grains and has the nutrition highlights based on the recommended daily values. 

As mom and head shopper for the family this is an invaluable asset in the supermarket where I am stressed and under pressure.  I see the calories, saturated fat, sodium, sugars, calcium and vitamin D at a glance. 

Grow up Strong with Big Kid Cereals, remember to give your kids three servings of whole grains per day!  

Visit for recipe ideas, money-saving coupons and more information that will keep you in the know as your kids grow.

Thanks to the Mom Bloggers Club for this great review opportunity.

**sorry I’m having issues loading my pictures** stay tuned…

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