Halloween 2008 countdown 5-4-3-2-1

It’s here, Halloween!  I’m so excited all of a sudden!  for some reason this year just didn’t seem fun to me before right now!  I’ve been in a slump with all that’s going on. I didn’t even buy the kids new costumes which is a FIRST.  We did plan on reusing girl2004’s Cinderella costume but since she swears the costume is “itchy” we’ve been experimenting a little.  Nothing worth showing you here but I did want to share a few mixes that I thought were cute, I’m not sure what they’re going to be for Halloween, I do have about 15 hours after all, we’re going to be creative!

The Viking Fairy – Cutest Costume age 2 and under Hopeful

Girl 2006 half viking

The Sleeping Cinderella – Best Photo Hopeful

Cinderella catching up on some beauty sleep

Captain Hook with cookie instead of hook – Best Photo Hopeful

captain hook sans hook?

This post was inspired by Blurb  “a creative book publishing platform that enables anyone (yes, you!) to produce your own bookstore-quality book starting at $12.95.”  Thanks for the opportunity PBN, you’ve totally inspired me to get organized.

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