Disney World 2008 Overview


We survived Hurricane Fay!  We were at Disney World from August 15 -23 so we got the full treatment! 


Truth be told I didn’t mind the rain, the place was practically empty, for Disney, and we breezed through most of the rides partaking in back-to-back rides of Big Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain and more.  Splash Mountain was shut down for a few hours because a girl (looked to be teenage) “lost” a shoe.  The people on that ride were NOT happy campers as many got stuck in some part of the ride.


Of course no trip would be complete without a share of complaints!  There seemed to be a lot of “technical difficulties” during our stay.


These are rides that we wasted time walking to only to be told that they were down for “technical difficulties”.  We did make our way back to them eventually but a HUGE inconvenience to get the stroller situated, the kids ready, etc…


It’s a Small World

Space Mountain


Mount Everest

Splash Mountain (twice, once for the lost shoe)


There were more but I can’t think of them now.  Lots more Disney World coverage coming soon!!

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