The days are just whizzing by…

The days are just whizzing by and I can NOT keep up!!  I’ve had some not so great times in the last week or so as I described on my Steeping Beauty blog… but now I’m back and I’m not going to let things get me down.

Besides, Christmas is here!  Boy2001 has only 2 more days of school till the break and I am so excited!! I have lots of fun activities lined up for us!  including thrifting, the Children’s Museum, movies to see Charlotte’s Web… reading some new Barefoot stories and doing the associated activities.

We also just joined Netflix again, we joined when it first started up but cancelled because it seemed that were not getting the movies back as fast as promised.  Anyway, so far it seems great, we get to see the movies we want without having to get out and most importantly not having to trek out to return late at night.

On Saturday we went to the Chinese Buffet like we do every weekend, thankfully it was NOT crowded at all and we had a good time with no hassle (this was a highlight last week).

I spent very little time online on purpose, I want to soak up as much time as I can with my kids, they are so little and want to be together, who can turn that away?  So, I will try to post at night, while getting my other work done… I just have to keep prioritizing to make sure I’m a SAHM who actually takes care of the kids.  Take care, until next time…


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  1. homemom3 says

    You’ve got to tell me how it is after a month (netflix), I keep hearing BB is better. Hope you have a fantastic holiday!

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