It just isn’t Christmas around here until…

It just isn’t Christmas around here until we put the tree up… Christmas on!  Maine is so dark and gloomy in the winter.  If you’re ever going to be depressed, it will be in the winter.  A lot of people walking around grumpy and not smiling! 

I have been in the habit since boy2001 was born to:

* get up early (4-6am dependent on size of turkey) to prepare the turkey

* watch the Thanksgiving Day parade

* have a feast for lunch with all the trimmings

* then working off some calories lugging our artificial tree, ornaments, Santas, assorted decorations from the garage, basement, etc…  boy2001 was really helpful this year, he put most of the tree together while I was still gathering everything whilst DH was watching football with the girls (they seem to enjoy it).

By the time all the decorating is done I’m officially pooped and plop down to admire my work and spend time with the family for a few hours before the dinner plates have to get to the microwave.

This is a post for the ongoing blogging carnival of the Red Hot Bloggers.  This carnival is being hosted by Katelyn’s Holiday Ideas blog.


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